Red Bull’s Cape Fear Monster Surf Comp Has Been Called ON For This Monday

Red Bull’s insane big wave competition, Cape Fear, has just been called ON for this Monday, May 13th.

Created by big wave surfer Mark Mathews, the paddle and tow, invitational only big wave surfing event was last held in 2016 at one of the world’s most challenging and dangerous waves, Cape Solander in Sydney, Australia. This year, Cape Fear will find a new home at Shipstern Bluff, the Tasmanian Mecca of slab surfing.

With an event window from February 1 through to May 31, organisers have confirmed just this afternoon that it’ll all kick off 72 hours from now.

The competition will see 20 of the best local and international thrill-seeking slab surfers including Mick Fanning and 2016 defending champion Russell Bierke take on monster waves of over 4 metres.

While the event site itself is closed to spectators, Red Bull are broadcasting the entire competition live and free at Red Bull TV. 

If your boss queries your sick day on Monday, just send them our way.