Watch World Champ Dom Hernler Wakeboard Paris’ River Seine

This is what happens when extreme sports athletes get bored.

Dom Hernler decided to experience the River Seine in a different way to most other tourists. While on his summer ‘break’, the champion wakeboarder spent two weeks filming a series of breathtaking aerial stunts while being towed by a 400 metre rope attached to a winch. The Red Bull video sees Hernler throwing down some insane combos from Canal Saint-Martin to Epinay under the watchful eye of famous Parisian sites such as the Eiffel Tower.

The idea of wakeboarding through Downtown Paris came to fruition after three years of planning, with the final result looking like a merciless yet stylish takeover of the French landmark.

Dom is a regular on the tour podium, with a first place at the Quiksilver Space Jam Session in Prague, a first place in the Wakeboard Championships in Fagersta, as well as victories at a number of Red Bull events, such as Wake of Steel, Upstream and Harbour Reach. He’s been the Austrian champion multiple times, and is certain to go down in the books as one of the greatest wakeboarders in history.