Watch Jay-Z Call Out Chris Paul For Beating The Brooklyn Nets

The Los Angeles Clippers beat the Brooklyn Nets 105-95 last night in a game that was much closer than the final score suggests. Brooklyn was within striking distance of the Clippers with a few minutes remaining until Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan decided to run the same play (a pick and roll) four times in a row.

Strangely enough the Nets defence didn’t seem to pick up on it and the Clippers managed to storm home for a 10 point win on the back of the same play.

After the game, Jay-Z, former co-owner of the Nets, had a bit of friendly banter with Chris Paul, calling him out for running the pick and roll over and over again to steamroll the Nets.

“You ran that same play four times in a row, man. What’s that about?”

Hove might not be someone to get on the wrong side of, CP3.

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