This 2,000 Piece “Pure Hell” All White Puzzle Is Self-Torture

All-White Micro Puzzle

We’ve already suggested the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle as an isolation challenge; prior to that, Australia’s very own puzzle subscription service. So why not step it up with something smaller… but arguably more difficult – the Beverly 2,000-piece “Pure Hell” all white puzzle.

The Japanese board game manufacturer has put together a torturous combination. Claiming to be the world’s smallest 2,000 piece puzzle, the “Pure Hell” features no artwork whatsoever. In other words, absolutely no point of reference. Instead, you’ll be trying to decipher the position of various blank pure white tiles blinder than an NRL player during the end of a season.

All your usual techniques will be thrown out the door for this bad boy, which means you can forget working from one corner or assembling the border. Complete with warnings like “do not buy this if you are a beginner” and designated for those “18 years and up”, this certainly won’t be a walk in the park.

“Do not buy this if you are a beginner…”

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顔面蒼白!! 目の前真っ白 阿鼻叫喚! ・ テレビ📺で紹介されました🎵 人気🎵💢💀💦激難パズル❗❗💥💥💥 ・ 純白地獄 大王 ・ ピース数…2000スモールピース ・ サイズ72×49cmパネルNO101 ・ 地獄の大王がやって来た! 初心者は絶対に手を出さないでください。 このジグソーパズルは表も裏も両面真っ白の組み上げる事が極めて難しい2000ピースパズルです。 上級者の挑戦さえ危険です。※ドMの方を除く。 地獄から生還した者だけが貼る事を許されるクリアの証ビッグシール(豪華金バージョン)付き! ・ #ビバリー #ジグソーパズル#パズル #イエナカ #イエナカジグソーパズル #地獄ジグソーパズル #地獄パズル #純白地獄 #純白地獄大王 #激難パズル #japan #madeinjapan #日本製 #日本 #人気ジグソーパズル #家で遊ぶ #玩具 #楽しい #パズルコレクション #2000ピースジグソーパズル#2000pieces #jigsaw #jigsawpuzzle #puzzle #beverly

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The Beverly 2,000-piece “Pure Hell” all white jigsaw puzzle can now be copped for ¥3,300 (approximately AU$48), and should keep you sufficiently occupied until the end of quarantine. Or until you lose your mind in this pure white hell. Whichever comes first.

If you want a slightly easier challenge, you can also tackle 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles in all white and all black off Amazon.