‘Alone In A Crowd’ Is The Ultimate Global Street Style Guide

Ever wondered how your style stacks up against the rest of the world? Photographer Giuseppe Santamaria believes that their is a strong connection between place, personality and fashion. He embodies this relationship in his popular blog and quarterly magazine Men In This Town

Wanting to provide something that encapsulated styles from around the globe, Giuseppe created a series of books that aimed to collate outfits from the world’s most fashionable cities. His latest book, Alone In A Crowd, provides a striking collection of photos featuring men from around the world, rocking their unique styles. Captured from the voyeur’s perspective, the collection features photographs from New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Florence, Paris, London, Sydney and Melbourne.

Alone In The Crowd is a definite read for those who want to emulate men’s fashion from around the world. It’s perfect for a quick bit of inspiration whilst picking your outfit for the day.

Alone In A Crowd is available from May 1st at all good book retailers. Check out Giuseppe’s Instagram ‘Men In This Town’ here