Turning Heads With The Hex Tie

Regular ties, bow ties, tie clips, sunglasses and cuff links have had their day. Move on over silk, and let me introduce you to your fancier, statement and downright boss brother – the Hex Tie. Ok to be fair, there may still be room for your regular tie, in this little part of your wardrobe called convenience, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that next time you want to be noticed, my male friends, you know where to go.

Founded by New York born, Puerto Rican raised Enrique Alejandro Peral, the Hex Tie is said to have been inspired by the bright lights of New York city and Peral is on the quest to make the Hex Tie synonymous with modern fashion. The Hex Tie combines class and elegance with a modern, outspoken flavour. Each tie is assembled by hand and is sure to get tongues wagging. Since its debut in late 2014, the Hex Tie has been garnering attention from celebrities around the world, already being dubbed a powerful influence on men’s fashion for its innovative approach to classic.

The ties themselves start at US$98 for the standard edition, with the Emirates gold edition setting you back almost US$1500. The collection goes beyond regular ties as well. If you were looking for that extra touch of class the bow ties, setting you back anywhere from US$50 to US$398, might be just what you need. Keep it all in place with ‘spectacle-shaped’ tie clips or even matching cuff links if you feel that way inclined. Regardless of the style you select, we have to admit, these ties look pretty awesome.