adidas’ Z.N.E. Pulse Range Brings True Passion To Activewear

Clothes athletes wear while they perform become a true embodiment of what they achieve, the work ethic and challenge that goes into every stride. adidas has recognised this, encapsulating the moments of exhilaration in the new Z.N.E. Pulse Collection.

The focus of the pieces have been centered around the ‘pulse moment’ when athletes leave the locker room and head towards the field of play. This involved the capturing and analysis of data to shape the pieces, which helped to craft a unique heartbeat aesthetic in breathable merino wool. The result is a spectacular design which is centered around a knitted and Jacquard hoodie/pant combination, which are made to be a comfortable fit for every athlete, no matter the sport they compete in.

At the helm of the collection is footballers Gareth Bale and Paul Pogba, as well as basketball star James Harden, so you know it’s the best of the best. Check out the pieces at and peep more adidas coverage here.