Allbirds: The Merino Wool Kicks Straight From Silicon Valley

Looking for a shoe that will power you through the day? Want to walk on what basically feels like a cloud? Cop a pair of the newly Australian launched Allbirds, “the world’s most comfortable shoes”. Not only have they already set the United States and New Zealand markets ablaze, they’ve also managed recently raised $USD 17.5 million in a series B investment round, truly conveying their epic value as a unique offering.

Humble beginnings saw Allbirds co-founders Tim Brown and Joey Zwillnger take their experience in sport and industrial engineering to a creation process straight out of the realms of Silicon Valley. Ensuring sustainable footwear is at the forefront with two styles currently available, both are made from proprietary ZQ-certified merino wool upper and insole made from castor oil. The wool upper means the pair are machine washable an can be worn without socks, blending in nicely to everyday life with a minimalist design in mind.

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