Across The Globe With A Montblanc Watch

Having recently ventured from Sydney to Adana, Turkey kitted out with Montblanc’s gear, it would be more than reductive to say there was a mix of emotions going on throughout the trip. For one, there’s no greater irony than the contrast between a humble, Adanese countryside backdrop to the luxury of Montblanc Heritage Spirit Steel collection timepiece. Though both present great beauty in their own ways. There’s nothing quite like a sunset by the nation’s largest mosque to collect your thoughts, and nothing quite like a Mount Blanc leather carry bag to collect everything else. And while I have never personally sought out such high-end accessories for my journeys or otherwise, the prestige and respect a simple watch, carry bag, and travel wallet commands is something I could very easily see myself becoming accustomed to (read: intoxicating, high-end flex addiction).

My experience with the watch can be summarised by its precision, poise, and personality.


As well as having internal workings accurate down to the very millisecond, the 41mm automatic Heritage Spirit Steel model is designed for convenient and stylish timezone changes. The clock face is circled with major cities, with the centre outlining the world, and a button to the side which allows you to shift by the geographical hour with an easy click. And for those of you with more old-fashioned inclinations, never fear, as the standard dial still remains for manual tuning.


As with all things Montblanc, this little ticker turned a few heads, and although I cannot vouch for the how others will treat you or how it will affect the content of your character, there was definitely an elevated quality of treatment on my end. This was, of course, fuelled by the general assumption that I was a better person than I really am. Interpret that as you may. Fair warning though, as this did attract some unwanted attention at the airports with security. So it goes both ways.


As well as elevating my quality of treatment, the sheer stylistic gravitas of the wristwatch elevated every outfit I had packed. Who would have thought something so singular could bring so much elegance and attitude to the proverbial table? Wearing Montblanc is so much more than an aesthetic choice, it’s a statement. And that statement affirms your status wherever you are as one that has been earned.