The G-SHOCK Frogman Gets An Analogue Update

G-Shock Frogman

Casio’s G-SHOCK Frogman is getting an analogue update. The popular watch and marine counterpart to the Mudmaster has been an easy go-to for divers over the years, the perfect rough-and-tumble companion packed with a bunch of rough-and-tumble specific features.

Debuting in the short clip below, the traditionally digital G-SHOCK Frogman offering has been swapped out for a fully analogue dial. The watch also includes a dedicated diving mode that can log dive and surface-level interval times. These stats can then be reviewed through the G-SHOCK Frogman’s proprietary smartphone app, which links up via newly added Bluetooth connectivity – common across most of Casio’s devices nowadays.

Other nifty features include waterproofing up to 200 metres, solar power, ISO 764 magnetic resistance, a fluoroelastomer strap, and a Super Illuminator LED backlight.

Even the case has been updated with carbon monocoque, which is commonly used on F1 cars and armoured vehicles. Meaning you’ll be hard pressed to do any meaningful damage. Unless, of course, you’re really tenacious about it (not recommended).

Currently, there is no official release date or word on pricing. But if you’re feeling impatient, feel free to cop a GWF1000 Frogman for $473 on Amazon right now.

And make sure you also check out this custom Mudmaster Hilux truck that Casio G-SHOCK gave away earlier this year, an ideal bit of kit for the impending doomsday.