Slick George Daniels Space Traveller Pocket Watch Sells For $5.4 Million

In an extreme case of good instincts, an owner of a historic George Daniels pocket watch was made very happy recently with an epic million dollar sale. Crafted back in 1982, the Space Traveller piece is a prime creation of the British horologist, who was one of the few modern makers who built by hand.

After being sold for an admirable £1,329,250 GBP ($2,055,891) in 2012, the watch vastly exceeded expectations when it went up for auction. raking in a huge £3,196,250 GBP ($5,432,826).

The reason why the Space Traveller went for such a high price can be mostly put down to exchange rates, with the drop in the pound encouraging purchases and assisting the “Double Daniels” to a strong sale in London. Nevertheless, it’s a spectacular price for a gorgeous piece.