Pornhub Gives Kanye West A Lifetime Subscription

Surprise, surprise. Kanye’s a big fan of “black on white.”

BH Approved Drops Exclusive Kanye And Beyonce Artworks By Cliff Sandler

BH Approved presents their first collaboration with Sydney artist Cliff Sandler showcasing an exclusive collection of original and limited run artworks featuring Kanye and Beyonce.

Drake Debuts ‘No Life’ Playlist Featuring Kanye West, Skepta & More

By Antonio Castiglia (@antoniocastig) It seems as we progress further and further in music, concepts that were once key parts…

Kanye Releases A 17-Minute Song From His NY Fashion Week Show

Yeezus drops a fresh musical accompaniment to his fashion, straight from the runway of his Season 5 show in New York.

The Best “I Love Kanye” Remixes So Far

When Kanye dropped his album “The Life of Pablo” , an odd acapella song came from it. Titled “I Love Kanye” many producers have chosen to remix it.

Style Hints From The Master: Kanye West

Kanye’s finesse and drive to be at the forefront of the fashion game is what has made him one of the icons he is known as today.

Is Obama Backing Kanye’s Run for Presidency?

We all saw the somewhat doubtful announcement that Kanye West would run for the 2020 Presidential Candidacy. Kanye seems like he might actually have a shot.

Kayne West Raps with Mum Donda

In this recently uncovered video, Kanye and his Mum rap Hey Mama in a humble home video; a far cry from the lights and cameras and the flashy lifestyle we have come to know of Kim Kardashian’s other half and baby Daddy.

Kayne West & John Legend Sing Gold Digger Before It Was Gold Digger

Kanye West performs Gold Digger, in 2003, back when it was titled ’18 Years’ with John Legend.