Bucket List Destination: Devil’s Pool, Zambia

Zambia is a landlocked country in the Southern part of Africa, most notably known for the awe inspiring Victoria Falls. In height and width, Victoria Falls is one of the largest on the planet, at twice the height of Niagara Falls and rivalled only by Iguazu in South America. But what really separates Victoria Falls from the rest is the fact that you can actually swim right up to the drop of the falls and stare death in the face. Less than a metre of rock is all that stops the current from sending you plummeting to your doom. This little spot is known as the Devil’s Pool.

The pool is only swimmable during the drier months from May to October and you have to walk along a rocky path and swim in the Zambezi to get there. If it sounds too difficult though don’t despair as some tour companies offer trips to the Devil’s Pool and guides will assist you to ensure you don’t end up doing an unplanned ropeless bungee jump off the top.

Unsurprisingly, there have been one or two fatalities over the years, but it is this very risk that makes the pool so appealing. As you look out over the edge of the cliff face and rest on the slippery rock known as the ‘Devil’s armchair’, you are indeed dancing with the devil.

(As a side note, I often wonder who’s smart idea it was to swim right up to edge of the falls and discovered that at this particular spot you in fact won’t be swept to your death.)

The Devil’s Pool: a must for any thrill seeker’s bucket list.

For more, check out this short film on the Devil’s Pool by the incredible filmmaker Casey Neistat.