Dolphins Return To Venice Canals After Italy Shuts Down

Venice Canals

With Italy entering its second week of quarantine, things are continuing to look pretty grim worldwide as we get further down the self-isolation rabbit hole.

There’s a silver lining to everything, however, and so while the Italians have been predominantly locked inside, nature outside has had a chance to thrive. This was what those in the city of Venice discovered with the recent burst of life in its famous yet typically crowded canals.

It started last week when residents were excited to see swans dotting the waterways, with excitement over the signs of change peaking through on Twitter. This week the focus has shifted to the water itself where the decrease in gondola traffic has resulted in much clearer canals. With the settling of sediment came the ability to see into the water where schools of fish are now darting along.

The quietening has cleaned up the canals so much that dolphins, which typically stick to the Venetian Lagoon, have now begun to venture throughout the city.

All these sitings have managed to cause a predictable stir across social media and play into the story of a pleasant side effect of humanity’s forced shutdown – a reduction in pollution. This is not only isolated to Italy, with the economic engine and COVID-19 ground zero of China seeing it’s deadly air pollution curbed by the shutdown.

So whilst there’s a lot of chaos going down in the world right now, there are also some unlikely beneficiaries from our inactivity. But if you’re still looking to kill the time while we’re in COVID-19 induced lockdown, here’s a list of 101 things as prescribed by BH.