Flying On The World’s Most Extravagant Commercial Jet

There’s cruises on the sea but what about in the air? Crystal Cruises is aiming to bring this in with their new Crystal Skye line. Using a fully decked out Boeing 777-200LR, it’s easily the most luxurious commercial jet on the market. It also has the highest crew to passenger ratio of any twin-aisle aircraft (the crew speak more than 35 languages between them), meaning that journeys are definitely curated to personal tastes.

With 14, 21 and 28-day itineraries available, holidaymakers are taken to some of the “most exotic and remote” locations in the world. 88 guests are accommodated into exclusive class seats, so the usual airline hierarchy is gone. All convert to 180 degree beds, making the sure a night’s rest is also in easy reach. There’s even a social lounge with food prepared by executive chef Francois Van Zyl, which means grilled streaks and poached fish at 40,000 feet, and a cellar containing 200 bottles of wine. This is all capped off with six huge luxury lavatories, providing heaps of options.

The cost, however, is fairly intense. At $80,000 an hour to charter, you’re going to need a huge group of friends to get on board. While your saving up, check out the gallery for it above, the website for it here and other epic private planes here.