Hang Off An Andean Cliff In This Luxury Pod Hotel

Sick of normal hotels that are mundane and easily accessible? Tourism company Natura Vive have created the perfect opportunity to change it up, by placing their accommodation on the side of a Peruvian mountain. Skylodge is a luxury hotel that dangles from an Andean cliff overlooking the infamous Sacred Valley. That’s not a joke, three fully transparent pod suites are literally secured to the rock. This means you get the full experience of living on the edge, right from your bedroom.

Amenities wise, the pods only contain a small bed and bathroom (equipped with curtains for privacy). But you don’t come to Skylodge for the interior comfort, you come for the adventure. That means even the journey up has to be a challenge, with a 1200 foot rock face to traverse and a zip line to get you back down. It’s all worth it for the elevated view of the Andes and the chance to be atop a cliff while you sleep.

If you’re heading off to South America soon, definitely check out Skylodge’s site for more details.