Journey On The Orient Express In The Extravagant New 'Grand Suites'

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If you're sick of planes, consider travelling on the Orient Express. The 134 year old train service has had a recent revamp that will provide the ultimate in luxury. Paying homage to bygone days, the team at Belmond have created a truly unique experience for the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, an extravagant interpretation of the journey through Europe by train. The 'Grand Suites' are taking it to the next level, with the introduction of three lavishly decked out private cabins.

Each 'Suite' features private bathrooms with showers, double beds and a living area, easily matching the quality of a traditional 5-star hotel. The decor reflects the spirits of cities that the train travels to, with unique styling for Paris, Venice and Istanbul. Each offers something wildly different whilst still sticking to the typical 1920s art-deco aesthetic of the service. This includes hand carved timber and embossed leather for Istanbul, chic and elegant furnishings for Paris and hand crafted glass adornments for Venice. 

A fully catered experience also comes attached, with a personal cabin steward providing all on-board services. Free-flowing champagne, private in-suite dining and a plethora of other extra touches are provided, ensuring that the journey is as comfortable as possible.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express travels throughout between London, Paris and Venice from March to November and from Paris to Istanbul once a year in August/September on an extraordinary journey from west to east where Europe meets Asia. 

The 'Grand Suites' launch in March 2018. For more details on this immense trip, head to here.