How To Master Sleep On A Red-Eye Flight

You’ve booked a red-eye, either to save a little dosh or give yourself a chance to maximise sleep. But you finally get up in the air, ready for rest, yet can’t seem to find that sweet spot. Behold, the pressure preventing sleeping when you specifically need and planned for it.

Never fear, in line with Cathay Pacific’s new ‘hush-liner’ A350-900, which has landed as a permanent fixture at Perth Airport for the direct to Hong Kong route, we had a chat with Sleep Expert Professor Peter Eastwood from The University of Western Australia. Combining his expertise with the A350-900’s quieter cabins, intelligent mood lighting, and improved cabin pressure and humidity levels, the quality of sleep onboard and reduction in jetlag is monumentally improved.

Sleep Smart

Set your watch to the destination time and try to sleep at the appropriate time to sleep in your destination. The smart lighting on the A350 flights help you sleep as it is programmed to reflect day-time and night-time at your destination. Passengers who sleep during the ‘dark hours’ become better adapted to the sleep and wake cycles needed at your new location.

Move To Sleep

In order sleep you need to be relaxed and more often than not, prolonged inactivity such as sitting in a plane seat will result in sore or aching muscles of the back, arms and legs. Stretching exercises such as flexing and extending the ankles at regular intervals while seated, and contracting your calf muscles can relax them and increase blood flow to deliver oxygen to them. The A350’s wider economy seats provide more room to support relaxation and comfort on your flight, and also makes stretching easier to achieve.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can negatively impact sleep by causing your mouth and nose to become dry, setting you up for snoring during sleep and a parched throat on waking. You can minimise these effects during flying by regularly drinking water, minimising alcohol consumption, and using eye drops and a face moisturiser. Coupled with the benefits of increased cabin humidity and pressure on the A350, you can optimise your chances of having good quality sleep, reduce fatigue and improve your well-being.


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