Eurail’s Epic Train Ticket Gives You Easy Access To 28 European Countries

If you’ve ever managed to make it over to Europe, you know how tempting the crappy airlines can be. Crazy cheap prices when you buy tend to make your forget the terrible service, cramped quarters and annoying baggage limits. Travel across spectacular European countries shouldn’t be about canned sardine transportation, it should be about the experience itself. That’s where the humble train comes into play.

For many, this transportation system can be unfortunately confusing, especially when you look at going from country to country. The solution to this issue comes in the form of Eurail, a service that brings together the best on offer. Using just one ticket (with scope for three day to three month usage) a rider can travel to over 28 different countries via various rail networks, providing a ridiculous ease of access from whatever starting point they land at. Eurail also partner with hotels, hostels, public transport and sightseeing attractions to provide additional special benefits. It’s definitely the top choice for an epic adventure on the next holiday.

If you’re keen on it after reading this, you’d be pleased to hear that Eurail are currently offering 20% off their Big Eurail Pass from now until December 31st along with an extended booking period of 11 month. Visit their site to lock it in now to sort out your European summer.

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