The 7 Most Opulent Private Islands You Can Rent With The Squad
— Updated on 11 March 2020

The 7 Most Opulent Private Islands You Can Rent With The Squad

— Updated on 11 March 2020
Wade Fraser
Wade Fraser

These are the big dogs. Reserved for the ultra-wealthy family holiday or the all-out party, the below seven islands come with space for everyone and more than a few cheeky inclusions. Whether you’re looking for your next lads getaway spot or you’re just a dreamer, have a flick through our list of the world’s most luxurious bookable islands.  

Thanda Island, Tanzania

First up is probably the wildest location on the list, making it a sound option for those looking to get off the grid. Tanzania is somewhat of a hidden gem, and those who are willing to make the trek are rewarded with spectacular coastlines of bleached sand and azure blue waters. ‘Thanda‘ means ‘Love’ in Zulu and the island is priced from around AU$36,000 per night, with a minimum booking of five nights. For that sum, you get a team of staff to look after you, space to sleep 10 guests, all-inclusive catering, an indoor aquarium, and unbridled access to the exclusive Shungi Mbili Island Marine Reserve. 

Tagomago, Spain

Situated just 900 metres off the Ibiza coast, this isle is the perfect abode for a huge week-long heater with the boys. That week will only set you back AU$152,600, which means it doesn’t exactly fall into the budget category, but you do get a five-bedroom villa, nine waitstaff, a personal trainer, a fully-stocked bar, swimming pools, whirlpools, steam baths, a rooftop lounge and, of course, your own yacht. The 98-acre Tagomago is frequented by Cristiano Ronaldo and his family and plays host to the European ultra-wealthy all year round. Pre-drinks on the island followed by a night out in Ibiza could be the play of the summer.

Atoll de Nukutepipi, French Polynesia

If properties on this list were ranked, this would one would hold the crown. At exactly AU$208,125.56 per night, Nukutepipi represents the pinnacle of the world’s private island stock. Don’t ask us what the 56 cents is for, but with inclusions like this we’re sure it’ll get you something. The property is a collection of 16 beachfront villas, able to cater for a total of 52 guests and only able to be booked as one. A number of staff come standard with the booking, including a chef, boat captain, activity coordinators, doctor, and massage therapists. The Airbnb Luxe listing describes Nukutepipi as “a uniquely enchanting venue for momentous occasions and unforgettable reunions”. Renting this spot out with the team would be momentous indeed.

Musha Cay, Bahamas

This Caribbean gem is owned by David Copperfield and happens to be one of the world’s most expensive private islands. Musha Cay is absolutely laden with rich touches, lavish accommodation and expensive goodies. Comprising a total of 12 villas, the property can be rented out for roughly AU$59,000 per night. Each home on the island is designed with a mixture of English colonial-style architecture and laid back tropical flair. If you get bored of exploring the 700 acres of lush estate, you can jump on the island’s 28-foot catamaran or speedboat and cruise around the exquisite Exuma Cay islands. It sounds like the only thing not included is a show by the owner himself.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Richard Branson’s Caribbean playground has received its fair share of airtime, and for good reason. After it was destroyed in a cyclone some years ago, Branson restored Necker Island back to its former glory and triumphantly slapped the AU$105,000 per night price tag back on. It’s a beautiful piece of real estate, boasting a 10-bedroom Balinese-style villa, a guest house, two tennis courts, a spa, two infinity pools, a swim-up bar, a hot tub that fits 30 people, a personal chef and around 100 employees when at capacity. At that price point, you’re looking at a measly tariff of AU$3,088 per person per night if you bring 34 of your mates.

Isla Sa Ferradura, Spain

Another occupant of the Ibiza coastline, Isla Sa Ferradura is a masterclass in contemporary Mediterranean design. The sprawling estate sits atop a rocky outcrop connected by a beach to the Spanish mainland. With capacity for 12 people, the property features six bedrooms, a gym, yoga and massage room, spa, jacuzzi, boat shed, a rooftop deck, and two bars with space for a DJ. What’s more, a 23-metre swimming pool sits on the villa’s terrace doorstep, while a second lagoon-style pool can be found surrounded by a tropical garden. All of the above is handled courtesy of a 22-strong team of staff and is yours for AU$355,000 per week in the offseason.

Fregate Island, Seychelles

It may be just one of 115 islands in the Seychelles, but it’s certainly up there with the most luxurious. Fregate is home to 17 palatial residences overlooking turquoise waters and ranging in size from 400m² to 1,100m², seven beaches, hundreds of unique species of birds, and 2,200 free-roaming Giant Aldabra tortoises. This place is the definition of a secluded tropical retreat, and with temperatures sitting at a balmy 26 degrees Celsius year-round, there simply is no offseason. Extra perks include a yacht club, spa, complimentary fishing and diving, excursions to surrounding islands and reefs, and meals produced with ingredients sourced on the island. You and 43 members of the squad might have to Afterpay this one, as prices start at AU$6,500 per villa per night.

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