Hold The Phone, Go-Karting On Ice Has Arrived To Melbourne

Go Karting On Ice Melbourne

The jealousy was palpable from across state borders when we first announced Go-Karting On Ice had scheduled its much-anticipated arrival to Sydney. But fret not and simmer down, fellow east coasters. We come today bearing some extremely good news: Go-Karting On Ice has officially hit Melbourne.

From now until January 9th of 2022, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the unadulterated thrills of power sliding across the finish line at O’Brien Icehouse located on Pearl River Roads, Docklands. With an expert team on deck to provide tips + tricks while navigating the course, a decent variety of “fun and challenging obstacles” will also be on the cards. You know… to separate the Mazepins from the Verstappens.

“It’s the perfect way to have some high-speed competitive fun with your friends and family,” reads the event description.

“Whether you’re a regular go-karting enthusiast or a newbie looking for some fun, it’ll definitely be worth switching things up and testing your skills on a new surface.”

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While ice karting is obviously the main drawcard here, event organisers have taken it upon themselves to throw in a few extras for your enjoyment this summer. It’s unclear what “rink activities” and other “winter games” will actually entail at this stage – and it doesn’t help the marketing materials is fairly vague on the matter – although you’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty of ’em on offer.

Additionally, a whole heap of prizes are up for grabs. Some we’re assuming for speed and race performance, and some for the best-dressed operator kicking about (“so dress up for some costumed ice karting”).

Tickets are available for purchase as we speak starting from $55 for a 12-minute spin around the rink. Conditions of entry are as follows:

  • Kids may attend but must be 8+
  • Maximum weight: 225 pounds / 102.05 kilos
  • Tickets are non-refundable

Head to the link below to find out more about Go-Karting On Ice (Melbourne) and book a spot if you’re sufficiently sold on the idea.