Intimately Explore NYC With Robert De Niro & Ermenegildo Zegna

Cinema god Robert De Niro is one of the definitive kings of New York, a figure that represents the arts/culture side better than anyone else. So when Ermenegildo Zegna took the Oscar winning actor back to his hometown, they wanted to uncover the elements that helped to drive him forward.

Paired up with French choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied for an interview, De Niro reveals intimate details about life, artistic expression and unique defining moments. This is all framed within the epic backdrop of the Big Apple, creating a beautiful concoction that mixes in nicely with film-maker Francesco Carrozzini’s snappy editing. Check out the full video from Zegna here with a 30-second preview above.

Make sure you also check out more of Ermenegildo Zegna’s ‘Defining Moments’ campaign, which hopes to reinforce the emotion and community-centric voice that has been authenticated by the brand over the years.