Uber Is Launching The Ultimate Croatian Island-Hopping Service

In one of their most elaborate extensions yet, Uber is launching a service that’ll allow you to easily island hop around the Dalmatian coast. Named UberBOAT, the offering previously utilized boats in Istanbul to ship people across the Bosphorus channel. It’s now being applied permanently to Croatia’s 1244 islands (via Split, Hvar or Dubrovnik), meaning you can get out and explore at the touch of a button.

It also happens to be super flexible, with riders able to choose a range of pickup points, boat captains and usage periods (with half and full day options). You can also choose the size of your craft, with normal and larger ‘XL’ speedboats available for use. Prices sit at €352 for an eight person Split to Hvar transfer (a €440 ‘XL’ option can be used for 12 people), with eight person day trips starting at around €980. Further routes are supposedly being rolled out as the service becomes more established.

UberBOAT has it’s initial launch on June 26th, so if you’e escaping to Croatia for winter it definitely seems like a solid way to get around.