There will always be a fresh gimmick in the food industry to entice the gullible and the unsuspecting. You always notice it never really takes long before others follow suit for fear of missing out on the current "wave", as it were. A lot of the times, these "waves" are just a load of bullshit. And if there's one man who will never flinch from the prospect of calling bullshit when bullshit is present, it's Gordon Ramsay himself. 

Here are the current food trends he cannot stand.

Truffle Oil 

As the a current favourite in the cafe realms of oil right now, edging out both olive and canola in a tight race, truffle oil does nothing to impress Chef Ramsay. Ramsay believes it is used frivolously and to an excess: 

“The worst thing, for me, is truffle oil. That thing needs to be let down. When [people] use it, they use the same fucking top [as any other oil], so they pour it, and it comes out in abundance. This thing needs to be let out in tiny, tiny, little [amounts].” 

Fun fact, Anthony Bourdain has words for t-oil too. Something about being, "... as edible as Astroglide and made from the same stuff...". Burn.


I know. Shock, horror, blasphemy. The delectable cut of fatty, marbled, luxury meat can do no wrong in the eyes of most. It's honestly the most pleasure one can achieve with their clothes still on. Right next to peeling the plastic off a new screen, opening a box of new sneakers, and winding up a reel of 35mm film. In all fairness, Ramsay believes that Wagyu is not a terrible ingredient. But it is an ingredient that has been wildly mistreated in the culinary world. 

“It’s a special cut. It needs to be treated with a little bit of respect. Everywhere you go now, there’s fucking Wagyu meatballs. Preserve it a little bit. Rest it. Allow it to become special.”

Keep it simple, I guess. 


This is one that I'm surprised more people aren't against. Ramsay detests this unnecessary addition to any given plate for the simple reasoning of both aesthetic and taste. And honestly, can we blame him? It's foam. That's not an ingredient. That's waste that belongs in the garbage, along with the rest of the eggshells and vegetable peels. 

“The latest one I had, I was in Saint Paul, and someone gave me a bone marrow foam. Now when I think about having bone marrow, I don’t think about it as a foam... Sometimes they look like toxic scum in a stagnant pool. It was not very good.”

Right there with ya mate. Get that TF out of our faces, we're not for it.