Pelvic flexing is the key.

Struggling in the bedroom or looking to improve your performance? A study conducted by James Cook University suggests exercising your nether regions will help transform you into a sexual weapon (alright, they might not have used that exact terminology).

JCU physiotherapy lecturers Chris Myers and Moira Smith scrutinised studies from around the world involving more than 650 men who had used pelvic floor exercises to beat the bedroom blues. While the common treatment to combat erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) involves lifestyle changes and prescription drugs, the two academics discovered pelvic exercises to be the most effective form of treatment.

"Pelvic exercise has been very successful for some patients," Myers said. "Patient cure rates were as high as 47 per cent for ED and 83 per cent for PE."

Working out your pelvic muscles first involves identifying the correct focus areas, something you can do by stopping urination midstream, or by drawing the testicles upwards. You then tighten and hold these muscles at intervals throughout the day to help strengthen your package so it stays erect during sex.

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"Society seems to look for a quick fix. It's like any form of exercise - if there is a pill or a magic potion, a lot of people will take that option," Myers exclaimed. "Pelvic floor exercises to prevent ED and PE are a non-invasive and a cheaper option than traditional methods."

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