Unveiling Chandon S, The Perfect Blend Of Bitters And Sparkling Wine

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Speakeasies are seldom found effortlessly, especially one that incorporates Chandon. A few fortunate individuals, myself included, waltzed onto an old restored Melbourne tram, where one couldn’t help but feel they were about to experience something exceptional. Chandon had unveiled their new champagne, Chandon S, and guests were given a small ticket by staff, reminding me of Charlie winning the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.


One by one guests gathered to watch, listen and understand the history behind Chandon and the creation of Chandon S. The brand's rich Australian history, to my surprise, spans back to the mid-1980's where they established themselves at Green Point, an old dairy farm in Victoria’s spectacular Yarra Valley. It quickly became the home of Chandon and was named Domaine Chandon. Once we were up to speed with the origin of the French sparkling wine we were ushered into a white tent, where we were told to start kneading bread dough. There were a few ambiguous looks exchanged amongst the group once told we had to knead our bread, but that didn’t prevent anyone from being excited at the fact we were making our own bread.

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The moment had arrived shortly after our bread baking session, where we would taste a few different Chandon S cocktails. A mixologist left no stone unturned when explaining the blends making up the refreshing beverages, highlighting the importance behind perfecting cocktails, which resided in a perfect balance of well-appointed fruit and just the right amount of Chandon S. An initial sip ensures the Chandon S is everything it’s cracked up to be, refreshing, smooth and above all fruity. An orange twist balances out the sweetness of the Chandon S, more importantly on a hot summers day this beverage is the key ingredient to a good night.

Chandon S
Alcohol volume : 12.5%
Price : $29
Closure : Diam
Season : Early summer - Late summer

Head to Chandon's website for more information.