Deadpool’s Guide To Kicking Arse In The Corporate World

Believe it or not, there are many parallels between succeeding in the corporate world and succeeding in the assassin world. Take our favourite merc with a mouth, Deadpool, for instance. It’s essential to look back at his achievements in his first epic movie, which you can download on iTunes or Google Play, and explore how the high-octane hitman has more than made a mark in his professional field. So here is Deadpool’s guide to making your way upwards on the corporate ladder based on those expert plays… just in time for the flood of position openings, given a certain royal commission in uh… finance. 

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Be flexible and open to any and all opportunities

As much as we’d like things to be more linear, it’s rarely the case. So be as open-minded as possible when it comes to opportunities. Volunteering for projects to grow a personal network. Exploring a less-than-conventional branch of your background training. Taking a contract to assault the stalker of a young girl because it pays and you have a soft spot. Or even bending over and taking one for the team because it’s International Women’s Day. You know. Opportunities.

Versatility in the face of sudden change

There will be more than one occasion within your professional life that forces you to move quickly and promptly. Don’t get caught up in a comfort zone you’ve dug out for yourself, or the tiny details in the grand scheme of things. Pick up your feet, and follow the nice man from the shady private organisation who promises that he can fix your incurable cancer. Who knows? You might end up looking like a nutsack with teeth/an avocado that had sex with another avocado/a whole number of things that are also hard to look at, but at least you’re alive and kicking with a regeneration factor.  


And then there will be other times where it seems as though you’re not going anywhere fast. Suffocated in a hyperbaric chamber, even. There might not even seem to be an end to it all. But never fear. Keep your goal in sight, trust the process, and plug away until that golden, headbutt a henchwoman to get the matchstick in the mouth which blows up the entire facility moment presents itself. 

Collaborating with others is not weakness 

You don’t have to be a one man army. Success is not a burden you must bear alone. The only way to move faster and more effectively is with a wolf pack. Because it’s simply not feasible to be that competent of an all-rounder. There will always be someone more skilled than you in certain areas. But that’s OK. Seek them out, and learn from them. Maybe even enlist them to punch on with some other mutants. I guess what I’m saying is, you might be virtually unkillable, but none of that matters unless you have a titanium Ivan Drago and psionic blasting Sinead O’Connor Lite. Diversify the arsenal of collective skill-sets. 

At certain times, don’t hesitate– just do

Time and place. That’s all you need to worry about. And when the two line up, you’ll just know. The rest will naturally fall in place. Just leave all your hang-ups and hesitations at the door, mow down that bloodied albeit uncooperative henchman with a zamboni, cut the whole “We can be heroes” speech short, and pull the trigger. Proverbial or literal. 

Deadpool 2 is set to hit cinemas all around Australia on May 16th. 

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