Watch The Superbad Cast In Their First Table Read

This newly uncovered cast Superbad sex scene table read will make you cry with laughter.
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It was one of the films that made director Judd Apatow a regular name in our households and let's face it, we're still quoting lines from it. Superbad was the iconic American comedy that had us both laughing out loud and wanting to be besties with actors Seth Rogan, Michael Sera and Jonah Hill, whose socially inept characters became a welcome fixture in today's comedy circuit.

A movie focused around awkward teens hoping to secure booze in order to help their longstanding mission of losing their virginity, this hilarious project penned by Rogan and former Da Ali G Show co-writer Evan Goldberg is a classic and this newly-uncovered cast sex scene table read will prove it while making you cry with laughter.

Watch as the cast tackle their first ever reading and see just why these actors and writers have found such incredibly heightened success in their art.