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Blokes More Satisfied In A Bromance Than Romantic Relationships, Study Confirms

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Franklin Racquet Club is a card game designed for conversation

Franklin Racquet Club Is The Perfect Tool To Sharpen Your Conversation Skills

In modern society, conversation doesn’t always flow so easily. Whether you’re sitting opposite a mate who won’t put his phone…

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What Is The Average Penis Size According To Science?

It’s uncanny how almost every bloke on Earth knows the exact measurement of their schmeat down to the millimetre. Knowing…

Moet Champagne Pyramid

A Groom’s Guide To Planning An Unforgettable Wedding

I’ve been to a lot of weddings over the past five years, and what has separated the good ones from…

COVID Dating Guide How To Date

How To Date During COVID: A Guide For Men, Written By A Woman

If you’re one of the millions of single Aussies stuck at home with no Kath to your Kel, fear not…

What To Say During Sex According To Dr Emily Morse

4 Words You Should Always Say In Bed (According To A Sex Expert)

Before you start prematurely firing off punchlines about firing off prematurely, no… the four words aren’t: “Sorry, this never happens.”…

peacelily mattress sleep

Why Blokes Need to Take Their Sleep More Seriously

Sleep plays an integral role in our overall health and wellbeing. There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep that…

Men Going Their Own Way Movement Is Bitterly Jaded But Potentially Valid

In recent years, coinciding with the rise of the internet, many unfamiliar movements have taken root across the world. Among…

global average penis size Men With A Larger Nose Have A Bigger Penis (According To Science)

Study Finds Men With A Larger Nose Have A Bigger Penis

A new study conducted by researchers from the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine has discovered a correlation between nose and…

A Modern Man’s Guide To ‘Attachment Styles’

There is one scientific theory that can determine if your romantic relationship stands any chance in hell. It’s called Attachment Theory,…

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Which Male Body Shapes Do Women Find The Most Attractive?

A study at Griffith University produced some rather damning evidence.

How To Tackle Valentine’s Day When You’re Only Two Dates In

January is the best time of the year to be single and swiping, hands down. The endless string of glowing…