Editorial Policy

Our Editorial Policies outline the guiding principles of our editorial approach and the enforceable standards our staff must follow, in a searchable format.

Boss Hunting adheres to the Australian Press Council complaint standards. To submit a complaint, please contact us at [email protected]. Further information on our complaints process can be found below.

Editorial Policy & Standards

Boss Hunting has a strict, ongoing commitment to ensuring all editorial news content published is factually accurate, balanced, ethical and well-researched.

Independence, Accuracy, and Clarity

Boss Hunting is a publication focused first and foremost on its audience, meaning the integrity of our editorial independence is critical to the work we do every day.  The Editor is responsible for ensuring standards are upheld and holds editorial power in the delivery of content.

1. Boss Hunting ensures that factual material in news reports and elsewhere is accurate and not misleading, and is distinguishable from other material such as opinion.

2. Boss Hunting provides a correction or other adequate remedial action if published material is significantly inaccurate or misleading.

Fairness and Balance

Boss Hunting takes its duty to ensure the impartial gathering and distribution of news and information seriously and operates according to the recognised standards of objective journalism. 

3. Boss Hunting ensures that factual material is presented with reasonable fairness and balance and that writers’ expressions of opinion are not based on significantly inaccurate factual material or omission of key facts.

4. Boss Hunting ensures that where material refers adversely to a person, a fair opportunity is given for subsequent publication of a reply if that is reasonably necessary to address a possible breach of General Principle 3.

Privacy and Avoidance of Harm

Boss Hunting respects the right to privacy and recognises the responsibility for protecting privacy and preventing harm.

5. Boss Hunting avoids intruding on a person’s reasonable expectations of privacy unless doing so is sufficiently in the public interest. 

6. Boss Hunting avoids causing or contributing materially to substantial offence, distress or prejudice, or a substantial risk to health or safety unless doing so is sufficiently in the public interest.

Integrity and Transparency

Boss Hunting recognises that independent integrity and transparency are critical to maintaining trust with our audience. In the case where a conflict of interest may arise, Boss Hunting will ensure they are clearly disclosed and that they do not influence published material.

9. Boss Hunting avoids publishing material that has been gathered by deceptive or unfair means unless doing so is sufficiently in the public interest.

10. Boss Hunting ensures that conflicts of interest are avoided or adequately disclosed and that they do not influence published material.

Fact-Checking Policy and Standards

Boss Hunting holds the importance of accuracy in our work to the highest order and will always strive to authenticate all data and information used in our content. We stand by the information we publish as accurate; if found to be inaccurate, the content will be investigated and a correction delivered.

Corrections & Updates Policy

We stand by the information in our content as accurate, and if found to contain an error, will be corrected as quickly as possible. Any query by a reader will be thoroughly investigated and verified before a correction or clarification is issued. Significant factual errors require a correction and acknowledgement by the author or editor at the beginning or end of the article where the error has occurred. When a story has advanced significantly within a week of publication, an update may be added at the beginning of the article.

Author Bylines

All articles published on Boss Hunting will feature the byline of its author, as well as a link to the rest of the author’s work on Boss Hunting, to ensure transparency and the accurate source of reporting. All of Boss Hunting’s editorial staff and contributors have their own bylines. 

Some articles will feature the Boss Hunting byline, which is used if an opinion article reflects the position of Boss Hunting as a publication, or when branded content has been worked on by multiple authors. 

Advertising & Sponsorship Policy

Boss Hunting is supported by advertising, including display/banner advertising, and branded content, whereby Boss Hunting collaborates with a brand or business in the creation of the content. We only work with brands we know our readers will be interested in, and do so to deliver the best quality of content possible to our audience. 

All branded content on the Boss Hunting site will be clearly marked with the relevant business’s logo and the words “IN PARTNERSHIP WITH” at the beginning of the article so as to ensure transparency. Social media posts published with brands are also clearly labelled, as required by each platform’s terms of service. In addition to branded content on the website and on social media, all other branded content on Boss Hunting media properties is also clearly labelled to be distinguishable from news and opinion content.

All content that is not labelled as branded content has been created solely by Boss Hunting and without external influence. 

Affiliate Policy & Disclosure

All products, services and businesses recommended on Boss Hunting are selected independently by our team, based on what we think our audience will like. At Boss Hunting, we believe that the right product has the potential to elevate and enrich the lives of our readers, and take the trust placed in our recommendations seriously. As a result, the Boss Hunting editorial team spends hundreds of hours each week researching, reviewing and consulting expert opinions on every product that appears on Boss Hunting to ensure their quality, reliability and value.

Some articles may contain affiliate links that earn Boss Hunting a commission if they are followed. If you click a link in one of our articles that goes to an affiliate retailer, the URL automatically registers that you came from Boss Hunting and if you decide to purchase the product, Boss Hunting may earn a small commission. Affiliate commission does not impact the price you pay and the product is the same price if you visit the retailer’s site directly.

These products are selected independently by the editorial team only after significant research and review, and any paid editorial placement by a manufacturer or retailer will be clearly marked with a Sponsored Content tag and clear disclosure. This is now a common media practice used by many notable sites and a key revenue pillar for digital publications.

If you have any questions about our affiliate links, please send an email to [email protected].

Complaints Process

On receiving the complaint, a member of Boss Hunting‘s staff will investigate the matter and obtain any additional relevant details that they consider necessary at this stage. The Managing Director will then decide whether the complaint should not be considered further because:

  • it does not meet the requirements about what can be complained about, or who can make a complaint, or when and how a complaint should be made (see Making a Complaint); or
  • it is more appropriate for consideration by some other process (such as referral to a third party, amendment of processes; or referring the complaint for consideration by an industry body); or
  • Boss Hunting has already received a complaint and considers the matter sufficiently remedied.
  • even if the facts alleged in the complaint are correct, it is unlikely that a breach of the Boss Hunting Editorial Guidelines has occurred; or
  • the extent to which consideration of the complaint might require Boss Hunting to commit greater resources than is reasonably proportionate to the significance of the likely breaches; or
  • for some other reason, the complaint is inappropriate for further consideration.

Secondary Complaints

Where the complainant is not personally identified or directly affected by the published material, the complaint may be considered a “secondary complaint”.

In this situation, the Managing Director also takes into account the following considerations, in addition to those mentioned in the previous paragraph, when deciding whether the matter should be considered further:

  • the risk of aggravating any possible invasion of privacy or other harm caused to people or organisations which are directly affected by the material; or
  • the extent to which informing the complainant, the media industry and the general public whether a particular type of breach has occurred may provide an important example of the application of the Boss Hunting‘s Standards, even if people or organisations directly affected by it do not wish to make or endorse a complaint themselves or they cannot be contacted; or
  • the extent to which consideration of the complaint might require the commitment of greater resources by Boss Hunting or the complainant than is reasonably proportionate to the significance of the possible breaches; or
  • the extent to which the matter requires the primary person’s input and/or participation.

Multiple Complaints

Where there are several separate complaints about the same material, the Managing Director may decide to involve only one or some of the complainants in further consideration of the material. Where practicable, complainants will be notified individually of that decision and of the final outcome. 

Handling of a Complaint

Unless the Director decides to discontinue consideration of the complaint, Boss Hunting will promptly respond to the complaint by telephone call or email.

The phone call and/or email will focus on whether Boss Hunting has already taken action in relation to a direct complaint about the material in question or may be willing to consider doing so in relation to the complaint.


If the Managing Director decides to discontinue consideration of a complaint, the complainant will be informed accordingly and may seek a review of that decision, provided the request is received within seven days of being notified.

If a review is not sought or is unsuccessful, the complaint will be considered resolved.

Review / Escalation

Should the complaint fail to be discontinued or resolved as a result of these initial processes, or in cases where the complainant disagrees with the resolution of the matter, Boss Hunting recommends that the complainant submit the complaint for consideration to the appropriate industry body.

Regardless of its membership status, the initial source of the complaint; or any prior resolution or discontinuance attempted by Boss Hunting, it will cooperate with any requests made by the Council, and publish any adjudication by it.