Tom Brady Fox Sports

Tom Brady Inks Historic $540 Million Broadcaster Deal With Fox Sports

For someone who’s seemingly allergic to retirement, the man sure seems to have a lot of irons in the fire….

Patron Jack Russell Terrier Mine Sniffing Ukraine

Jack Russell Awarded Medal For Bravery After Sniffing Out 200+ Mines In Ukraine

Feel-good stories over in Ukraine have been extremely few and far between since Russia’s invasion, which is why the world…

Drake Universal Music Group Deal

Drake Inks Monstrous Deal With Universal Music Group Worth Over $500 Million

Universal Music Group CEO Sir Lucian Grainge has just confirmed what many have long-suspected after revealing the world’s largest music…

Microsoft Bliss Windows XP Hill Background - Most Viewed Photograph In Human History

The Most Viewed Photograph In History Only Cost Microsoft $100,000

In 1996, veteran National Geographic photographer Charles O’Rear was visiting his then-girlfriend/future wife Daphne Irwin in Napa Valley on a…

2022 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Just Went On A $58 Billion Shopping Spree (His Biggest In Years)

At the 2022 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting hosted in Warren Buffett’s hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, the Chairman, CEO, and legendary…

Virgin Lounge Amex

Cop A Massive 120k Points With The Amex Velocity Platinum Card

Even if travel isn’t on your radar anytime soon, racking up Frequent Flyer Points should be a priority. Particularly since…

Milwaukee Bucks Chicago Bulls Stake Bet NBA

Bloke Turns Five Cents Into Over $18,000 With Longshot NBA Multi

Here at BH, we like to celebrate whenever an everyday punter overcomes the insurmountable odds. Take, for example, one @niko.martinovic3…

Elon Musk Twitter

He’s Actually Done It: Elon Musk Is Buying Twitter For Over $61 Billion

UPDATE [15/04/22]: The seduction period is over. Funding has officially been secured. Elon Musk has struck a deal to acquire…

Lindsay Fox NGV Gallery

Billionaire Lindsay Fox Pledges $100 Million To The NGV Contemporary Art Gallery

In news that should delight art fans around the country, Australian billionaire Lindsay Fox has pledged a remarkable $100 million…

Big Short Dr Michael Burry US Stocks 1

‘Big Short’ Investor Michael Burry Sounds The Alarm On Next Market Crash

Scion Asset Management founder and renowned investor of The Big Short fame – Dr Michael Burry – has once again come out…

Netflix Share Price Drop 2022 Subscribers Loss

Netflix Share Price Plummets As Subscribers Drop For First Time Since 2011

The very notion of Netflix being too big to fail has been steadily disproven as the streaming giant’s share price…

Magic Johnson Nike

How Magic Johnson Missed Out On $7 Billion By Turning Down Nike

In 1979, 20-year-old Earvin Johnson from Lansing, Michigan had a very important decision to make as Converse, Adidas, and Puma eagerly…