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Top Gun: Maverick Fighter Jet Cost

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ F-18 Fighter Jet Joyrides Cost A Staggering $15,822 Per Hour

Authenticity comes at a premium. Just ask Paramount Pictures. As Bloomberg reports, using an F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet to…

airbus custom private jet

You Can Now Order A Bespoke 18-Seat Private Jet From Airbus

If you’re in the market for a private business jet, it seems perfectly reasonable that you’d be allowed a degree…

Bombardier Global 8000 - World's Fastest Business Jet Long Range

Bombardier’s Global 8000 Will Be The World’s Fastest Business Jet

From Boom to Virgin Galactic, aviation companies all over the gaff have been tirelessly working towards bringing back supersonic passenger…

top gun maverick premiere to cruise pilots helicopter

Tom Cruise Pilots Helicopter Onto Aircraft Carrier For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Premiere

The most Tom Cruise red carpet entrance ever has officially been witnessed after the aviation-obsessed actor landed an Airbus helicopter…

Matt Hall Red Bull Paper Wings Competition 2022

The Single Greatest Experience Of My Life: Hitting 8Gs With Red Bull Top Gun Matt Hall

It wouldn’t be presumptuous to say just about every child dreams of flying at some point. The difference between the…

boom supersonic overture jet

The Boom Supersonic ‘Overture’ Jet Is Aiming To Fly Passengers By 2029

If you’re developing a commercial jet, receiving a $60 million investment (AU$82.4 million) from the US Air Force definitely doesn’t…

Bombardier Challenger 3500

The New Bombardier Challenger 3500 Comes With Zero-Gravity Seats

Bombardier has just announced an update to its best-selling Challenger 350 super-midsize private jet, which not only has a ton…

Airbus A340 Antarctica

WATCH: Airbus A340 Lands In Antarctica For The First Time Ever

Aviation company Hi Fly has made history by landing the first Airbus A340 in Antarctica. Leaving the tarmac at Cape…

Playboy Private Jet Big Bunny

Playboy’s Iconic Private Jet Makes A 21st Century Return

In the early 1970s, publishing magnate and original playboy – Hugh Hefner – made regular use of a McDonnel Douglas…

Neymar Jr Mercedes Helicopter Batman 1

When Neymar Rocked Up To Training In His $20 Million Custom “Batman” Helicopter

There’s a rich tradition behind professional athletes turning their training arrival into a primetime opportunity to flaunt what they’ve got….

Swiss Air Force Target Practice AXALP 2021 Airshow

WATCH: Swiss Air Force Demos Insane Target Practice Through Mountains

As we stated in a previous article about the unrivalled Fairchild Republic A-10 “Warthog” Thunderbolt II jets making Swiss cheese…

Max Verstappen Private Jet Dassault Falcon 900EX

Max Verstappen’s $15 Million Private Jet Is Proof You Can Have It All At 24

It’s hard to pretend the universe doesn’t play favourites when people like Max Verstappen exists. Aside from his maiden Formula…