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triomphe wrapped 1

The Arc de Triomphe Just Got Wrapped In 25km² Of Silver Fabric

Everyone knows Paris is the city of love, which in turn makes it the city of thoughtful gifts. This week,…

Sean Brown Picasso rug3

Make Your Home A Masterpiece With This Sean Brown Picasso Rug

Decorating the home can often feel like a boring, thankless task. You’re most likely committing to several visits to Ikea,…

Pierce Brosnan Takes $100 Million Mansion Off Market After Year Without Offers

UPDATE [3/09/21]: Former 007 Pierce Brosnan has encountered a rare mission fail after the US$100 million / AU$135 million Malibu…

Keiji Ashizawa chair

For The First Time, You Can Buy These Keiji Ashizawa Oak Chairs

Keiji Ashizawa is the brains behind his eponymously monikered design studio in Tokyo, which specialises in product design and architecture….

home office

6 Tips to Create a Luxury Home Office

Now that working from home has been ratified within the modern norm, home offices are taking on a new meaning….

Eiffel Tower Apartment

There’s A Secret Apartment Atop The Eiffel Tower

When Gustave Eiffel designed the very tower which would immortalise his name circa 1886, the French civil engineer decided to…

Qantas Points Auction A380 Business Class Seats

You Can Now Cop Qantas A380 Business Class Seats For The Lounge Room

Itching to spend some Qantas Points while we’re all still grounded? Why not bring business class home with a pair…

The G Train is hoping to revolutionise railway travel

The All-Glass Transformative G Train Could Revolutionise Railway Travel

The future of train travel looks bright. We’re talking an all-glass exterior, golden hue kind of bright. That is, if…

The Iconic Kaufmann Desert House Is On Sale For $22.5 Million

If you’re feeling a touch of déjà vu right now, don’t worry, there’s a good reason. Two, actually. You’ve more…

Gold Coast La Bellagio Villa

On The Market: Bellagio La Villa Is Oddly Tasteful For A Gold Coast Estate

Call us crazy, but based on some of the architectural monstrosities we’ve encountered from the Gold Coast, we don’t exactly…

2100 North Fork Road Has A 70 Car Garage Its Own Petrol Station 1

The $15.5 Million Montana Estate Featuring A 70-Car Garage & Its Own Servo

Given how you – the dear readers – have a proven fascination surrounding + fondness for both Yellowstone and Fast…

Hong Kong Parking Space Most Expensive Mount Nicholson The Peak

Hong Kong Parking Space Sells For A Record-Breaking $1.7 Million

There are moments here in the Sydney CBD when we’d pretty much pay anything just to ditch our cars for…