BH Box Office: 5 Classic Comedies You Should Be Watching Tonight

BH Box Office: 5 Classic Comedies You Should Be Watching Tonight

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Welcome to Boss Hunting’s weekly Box Office series where every Sunday night we’ll be dishing out our favourite movie picks from various genres to watch while settling in with a cheeky order of Uber Eats.

First up – comedy. Nothing shakes the Sunday scaries quite like a good laugh with the missus or the house mates. Before firing up the idiot box, Jack and John used the group ordering feature to dial in a feed from Darlinghurst’s Epic Pizza, which was a duo of La Mexicana – topped with mozarella, capsicum, jalapenos, bacon, chorizo and Italian sausage – alongside some classic waffle fries.

In no particular order (and by no means as a definitive list of options), we present to you five BH-approved classic comedy films you should consider watching tonight.

The Other Guys

Misfit NYPD detectives Gamble and Hoitz (Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) are sentenced to life behind the desk in the shadow of the two most badass cops on the force (Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson). But when those guys go down for the count, the underdog duo stumble onto what could be one of the biggest crimes in years. The Other Guys is one of the most quotable comedies off the 2010’s and arguable Marky Mark’s best roles.

Four Lions

Four Lions is a British satirical black comedy film that follows a group of radicalised but incompetent young British Muslin men in their quest to become a terrorist cell that’s taken seriously. This was one of Riz Ahmed’s early breakthrough roles and a very funny rogue pick that is a must-watch for comedy genre fans.

22 Jump Street

21 Jump Street was a cracking remake of the iconic TV series of the same name, but 22 Jump Street takes the cake here purely because it does what most sequels can’t – match the original, and perhaps even top it. Undercover officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are back, but this time they have their sights set on a local college.

Mr Deeds

One of Adam Sandler’s top 3 roles? Very possibly. Small-town guy Longfellow Deeds (Sandler) goes to the big city to collect a $40 billion inheritance from a long lost uncle. But money changes everything, and things aren’t what they seem – his new girlfriend is actually a journalist feeding reports of his outrageous behavior to the press.

Van Wilder: Party Liason

The most popular kid on campus meets a stunning journalist who makes him realise that maybe he’s afraid to graduate. Reynolds found his mojo with Van Wilder, which solidified his status as a wise cracking, good looking larrikin. It’s no doubt that Van Wilder turbo-charged his career, and it’s always been a classic 2000’s rewatch worth your time.

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