The Offical Teaser Drops For Kanye West’s IMAX Film ‘Jesus Is King’

The Offical Teaser Drops For Kanye West’s IMAX Film ‘Jesus Is King’

Kanye West has been keeping fans on their toes announcing the release date of his highly anticipated IMAX documentary Jesus Is King.

The documentary goes hand in hand with West’s latest album that dons the same title. Due to drop next week, the tickets have now gone live for purchase, and with that, fans copped another treat when IMAX shared the official trailer this morning. 

If you’re asking what this is all about, let me tell you. Those familiar with Kanye’s viral Sunday Service get-up from Kim Kardashian’s very own Instagram coverage of it, know how passionate he is about proclaiming his beliefs and love of the Gospel.

 North West belting out to her Dad’s compositions is my personal favourite BTS footage of West’s Sunday Service, with the film supposedly taking this phenomenon to theatrical heights in the Roden Crater, a curtained installation in Arizona’s Painted Desert by artist James Turnell. 

The film entirely features the music from West’s latest album, and will also showcase some new Gospel-inspired rhythms. 

Watch the trailer for Jesus Is King below, coming to IMAX theatres October 25. 

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