How You Can Win A Trip To Paris This Weekend By Watching Netflix’s ‘Murder Mystery 2’

How You Can Win A Trip To Paris This Weekend By Watching Netflix’s ‘Murder Mystery 2’

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Life rarely gives with both hands. But that’s precisely the case with Netflix’s release of Murder Mystery 2.

In exchange for a weekend at home with the missus, you could be en route to Paris this very weekend: flights, accommodation, and even spending money courtesy of Netflix. 

So how exactly can you win this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

The game is afoot in the week leading up to the premiere of Murder Mystery 2 on Netflix (6 PM AEDT, March 31st). 

@NetflixANZ’s Instagram will drop three (3) hints before unveiling a major Mystery Question when the movie actually hits Netflix on Friday March 31 – and you’ll obviously need to watch the action-comedy sequel in order to solve it. 

Now, here’s where it gets interesting… 

Once you’ve uncovered the answer, you’ll need to head over to Manly Wharf (Sydney) on Saturday, April 1st at 9 AM (AEDT) with the following:

  • Your partner in crime
  • Your passports
  • Your packed bags

There, the field will be narrowed down to the first ten couples who answer the Mystery Question correctly. Really think hard about it, because you’ll only get one shot and the deal is first in best dressed. 

Pro tip: although this competition doesn’t formally open until 9 AM AEDT, you can arrive early and line up to get a leg up.

Qualifying duos will then compete in a final round to determine the lucky couple who’ll be whisked away for their Parisian sojourn. 

Now, while we can’t give you loyal readers an unfair advantage, we can let you in on what Murder Mystery 2 actually entails vis-a-vis plot, which might help kick those deduction instincts into high gear…

Four years after the events of 2019’s Murder Mystery, Nick & Audrey Spitz (Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston) have left their previous lives behind as a New York City beat cop and hairdresser, respectively, to become private eyes at their own detective agency.

When they’re invited to celebrate the wedding of their friend the Maharaja (Adeel Akhtar) on his private island, chaos once again ensues. The groom is kidnapped for ransom with each and every glamorous guest – from family members to the bride herself – a suspect in this high-stakes case.

Of course, there’s a silver lining: Nick & Audrey finally have a shot at raising their detective agency’s profile (as well as enjoying a long-awaited trip to Paris).

Play your cards right and this could be you… minus the high-stakes theatrics, kidnapping, ransom shenanigans, and general threat of danger.

Entry is open to Australian residents that are 18+ and can travel to Paris (France) on 1 or 2 April. To qualify, entrants must watch Murder Mystery 2 on Netflix, be one of the first 10 teams of two to attend a live event, and correctly answer the mystery question in Manly, Sydney at 9.00 AM (AEDT) on 1 April. Qualifying teams must then compete in a final round challenge to win.

For the full terms and conditions, head over to

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