‘Shaun Of The Dead’ Actors Recreate Scene For COVID-19 PSA

There’s been a Shaun of the Dead vibe going around in the current quarantine situation. Between the empty streets and being told to wait it out at home, we’re half expecting zombies to pop out so the apocalypse can really begin at this point.

Actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost recognised this, reimaging a famous scene from the film as a coronavirus public service announcement – pushing the message to “stay at home, have a cup of tea, and wait for this all to blow over”.

The scene sees the pair discussing how they’ll get through the zombie apocalypse. After discussing a plan to kill Shaun’s infected stepfather and rescue his mum, they eventually decide to wait out the apocalypse with a pint in their favourite pub, The Winchester.

The new interpretation sees slight tweaks to that plan, instead pushing to stay at home with a cuppa and abide by the isolation rules.

“Above all, don’t be a twat about things. We’re all in this together. Don’t be selfish, look after each other, give someone a call if you think they might be lonely.”

Check out the original scene and reimagined one below.

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