The New Entourage Movie Looks Epic

It’s here and boy is it good. The trailer for the official Entourage movie has been released and it serves up a whopper meal of classics from our all-time favourite gang. Vince still has looks far better than his personality, E is still small, Drama is still coat tailing, Turtle looks like a total babe now that he’s lost his puppy fat and Ari is still a phone call away from blowing a pulmonary artery, but it promises a whole lot of new awesomeness.

The film picks up where we (sadly) left off and tracks a new blockbuster, a birth, incredibly banging women and one-liners so good you’ll want to go back to school. You’ll find a plethora of honourable cameos including Emily Ratajkowski, our favourite Mark Wahlberg and Jessica Alba among them, in natural Entourage style. Check out the trailer above and find out what happens to Vince and his entourage on June 5. I’m already gagging for a sequel.