Woody Harrelson Joins The Cast Of Venom 2
— Updated on 30 July 2021

Woody Harrelson Joins The Cast Of Venom 2

— Updated on 30 July 2021

After it was revealed in late June that Tom Hardy would be returning for a Venom sequel, we now know Woody Harrelson (also in this week’s release of Zombieland: Double Tap) will be joining the Peaky Blinders actor as the main villain, Cletus Kasady, a.k.a. Carnage.

Harrelson first portrayed the menacing Carnage during the mid-credits scene of Venom and will join Hardy and new director Andy Serkis, who’s taking over from Ruben Fleischer. All of this was reported by Deadline who also revealed the addition of another villain in the form of Shriek, otherwise known as Frances Louis Barrison. A drug dealer and serial killer with mutant abilities, Shriek is also the love interest of Carnage, so it makes sense for her to have a major role in Venom 2.

These details have been leaked by a Sony source to Deadline who confirmed casting is underway for Shriek. “Right now the role is not filled, the net is cast wide toward many kinds of actresses,” the source said, with the filmmakers mostly looking at unknowns.

Although critically savaged, Venom made US$856 million worldwide with a budget of US$100 million, so a sequel was always inevitable. While the rumours of Tom Holland’s Spider-man appearing seem unlikely, the inclusion of Harrelson makes me think Venom 2 might actually turn out to be a decent watch.

The Venom sequel is set for release next year, but until then, bask in the glory of the awesome lobster tank scene from the first film.


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