Billie Eilish Confirmed For The ‘No Time To Die’ Theme Song

Billie Eilish Confirmed For The ‘No Time To Die’ Theme Song

Teen pop star, Billie Eilish, has just been confirmed for the No Time To Die theme song. How do we feel about this? Well, to paraphrase one of my favourite Kanye quotes of all time – “I like some of the Eilish songs… but what the fuck does she know about Bond?”

To her credit, she is the youngest artist to ever hit this milestone and she certainly holds considerable musical talent to achieve what she has at such an early age. Number one albums. Multiple Grammy nominations. International success.

But there just seems to be a glaring cultural misalignment here. Frankly, we were all hoping for that ZHU produced Dua Lipa banger. Though it’s worth noting we’re all passengers on this flight, meaning wishing for her failure would essentially be goading the plane to crash. In other words, not in our best interest.

The best way I can explain it is if you arrived at a Michelin star restaurant after months of anticipation, only to find out Guy Fieri is playing executive chef for the night. Like yeah, the skills are there… but no. The Mayor of Flavourtown is the Mayor of Flavourtown in his own right. This just isn’t the correct format for them.

All hope, however, has not been lost. As the legendary Hans Zimmer has also been tapped to lend his musical talents to Bond 25. Setting the scenes with what yet another one of his epic and atmospheric scores, so in the worst-case scenario, there will at the very least be some semblance of tonal balance.

Suffice it to say, Eilish has some big shoes to fill. At this point in time, though, there’s nothing to be done apart from keeping our fingers crossed and hoping it isn’t a Jack White and Alicia Keys situation.

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