Pornhub Gives Kanye West A Lifetime Subscription

Pornhub Gives Kanye West A Lifetime Subscription

Kanye West has never been one to shy away from sexually explicit lyrics in his music and it appears the rapper gets many of his ideas from watching porn. Last week West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and discussed his porn habits, shouting out PornHub and explaining his love for “black on white” skin flicks.

Well it seems PornHub were watching and to thank West for his comments and the free publicity have offered the rapper cum fashion designer a free premium lifetime subscription.

Not only has PornHub reached out to West, but Greg Lansky (who runs a number of porn production companies) has offered West the chance to direct a porn film after he also  mentioned his website 

TMZ reports Lansky has written a letter to West in an attempt to get him on board. In the letter the “Steven Spielberg of porn” states he will allow West full control of the production and claims he has the ideal porn stars in mind to feature in the film.

Maybe we’ll be seeing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy at the movies sometime soon?