David Attenborough Returns With Trailer For His Newest Series, “Dynasties”

David Attenborough is loved the world over for his deep, soothing voice that brought us the nine-part Life collection among others, awesome and insightful documentaries on animal and plant life on Earth.

Now, the 92-year-old Attenborough is back, this time with a whole new, dramatic look into the animal world.

The “Dynasties” series is broken down into five parts, with each episode following a different species of great yet endangered animals as they do what they must to survive and preserve their species. Here’s the hook: each episode, whether it follows lions, hunting dogs, chimpanzees, tigers or emperor penguins, identifies a leader. 

This leader in the family, troop, or pride goes through even more excruciating circumstances than the other members. They battle internal pressure while fighting to hold fast to power and they protect their family, territory and dynasty from the ever-present external dangers of living in the wild. Watch the trailer below and get ready to be in incredulous awe of the strength of the worlds most imperilled leaders.

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