Gold Coast Legends Give The Most Aussie Interview Ever

Gold Coast Legends Give The Most Aussie Interview Ever

The shirtless, plugga-less (thong/flip-flop) Queenslander who helped foil a robbery at Oporto last week, spoke to Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson, and the TODAY show team yesterday and the result is the most Aussie interview you’ll ever see.

James Ross-Munro had been at a “stubbies and singlets” party when he and his friend, Kane Wiblen (the bloke who says ‘yeah’ a few times in the video), were dropped off by a friend to grab some noodles from a nearby service station.

“We’d been down at Options Tavern at a stubbies and singlets party, and got dropped off by a mate up the road, we were gonna walk down the servo and get some noodles and went to jump over a sign on the way, and slipped over and busted my plugga.”

The video above speaks for itself, but our favourite line from Ross-Munro has to be when quizzed about the size of his arms, “mate I don’t go to the gym, haven’t been to the gym in years. The only gym I go to is Jim Beam.”

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