Nana Judy’s Secret Splendour Estate Party Goes Bonkers Again

Nana Judy’s Secret Splendour Estate Party Goes Bonkers Again

Back by extremely popular demand, fashion brand Nana Judy held the Splendour weekend’s best party once again this year. For many, the six-hour invitation-only bash at Angus Stone’s lakeside estate actually overshadows the festival itself.

Disembarking as we arrived at the event, we’re greeted by a scene that would make The Wolf of Wall Street look tame. Immediately, something felt different – this wasn’t another PR event, this was a proper party. A serene lake, complete with a fountain and yacht, had its banks filled with an enormous soiree featuring hundreds of Australia’s most influential names in music and fashion going ballistic.

Above us, a chopper buzzed as it arrived with guests including new Wimbledon Champion Dylan Alcott, Angus Stone, and Nana Judy Director Glenn Coleman.

The exclusive status meant that everyone could let their hair down, and with unlimited food and drinks that task was made easy. It felt like Nana Judy just wanted everyone to smash a few drinks and have a good time, and that’s exactly what we did. This year, the event was sponsored by the likes of Vodka Soda &, Carlton Dry, and Red Bull, with champagne by Get Wines Direct and even a free-for-all station from eyewear brand Bailey Nelson.

A massive stage lit up the grounds, with tunes delivered by Lastlings, Dena Amy, LDRU and a surprise set by Hayden James, who had ripped through a packed out Amphitheatre at Splendour the night before. A flick through the gallery below reveals some of the afternoon’s shenanigans.

Nana Judy’s parties have become the stuff of legends as their events around the world (including a Coachella bash in an aeroplane hangar attended by Rihanna and Diddy) have firmly placed the label in the spotlight as a major fashion player. Chatting to founder Glenn Coleman, he revealed that the brand’s focus will be on environmental sustainability going forward, driven by a number of key messages about recycling and the ability to make a difference together.

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