The closest thing to wearable art.

One of world's most luxurious style brands in Versace have teamed up with New York streetwear icon Kith to create one of the most over the top, outrageous, and opulent collabs we've ever seen. The good news? Some of it's available at Versace's Australian flagship store in Melbourne.

The visual design of the garments has been handled by the ever-daring Kith, while Versace is responsible for maintaining their trademark opulent fabrication. To put it simply, the collaboration looks incredible and feels amazing (we tried some on in New York a few weeks ago, so can attest to that fact).

The menswear range includes a healthy dose of both sportswear and formalwear, among a range of other styles and accessories. A selection of the Kith and Versace collaboration is available for purchase at Versace’s flagship store in Australia, on Melbourne's Collins Street. Here are some of the standouts:

4. JACKET $2980 PANTS $1500 BACKPACK $1440

Jacket: $2,980

Pants: $1,500

Backpack: $1,440


Jacket: $3,680


Jacket: $2,980


Jacket: $3,680