A Look Inside La-Z-Boy Altos Power Recliner’s Health Features

A Look Inside La-Z-Boy Altos Power Recliner’s Health Features

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La-Z-Boy consistently sets the benchmark for home comfort, and the Altos All-in-One Power Recliner with Heat & Massage is a testament to this very legacy.

The recliner in question supports everyday wellness and elevates it through innovative design and functionality.

Here’s a closer look at what makes the Altos All-in-One Power Recliner a standout in La-Z-Boy’s Health & Wellness recliner range, and how this chair supports a healthier lifestyle.

Designed For Ultimate Comfort

La-Z-Boy has taken comfort to the next level with the Altos All-in-One Power Recliner. It features a zero-gravity recline that cradles you in a weightless sensation to ease the stress on your spine and increase circulation. This position is perfect for relieving back pain or simply unwinding after a long day.

Customisable Heat & Massage Settings

One of the standout features of the Altos All-in-One Power Recliner is its built-in heating system and air massage capabilities. Whether it’s unwinding after a stressful day or providing relief to tired, aching muscles, this recliner allows you to adjust the levels of heat and the intensity of the massage to suit your needs.

The built-in heating system provides soothing warmth that’s ideal for chilly days or muscle tension relief, while the air massage system uses an air chamber system and quad air bag support to target key areas of the body for enhanced relaxation and improved circulation.

Personalised Seating At Your Fingertips

The Altos All-in-One Power Recliner doesn’t just adapt to your body; it remembers your preferences. With Dual Memory Seat Control, you can save up to two of your favourite positions for later use, so you can return to your perfect spot with the press of a button. The magnetised remote with joystick control attaches conveniently to the side for effortless adjustments.

This recliner is also equipped with a Contour Adjustable Headrest that enhances your comfort experience. This innovative feature allows you to adjust the headrest both upward and forward so you can find the ideal angle to support your neck and head while you relax. Whether reading, watching TV or napping, the customised alignment ensures maximum comfort tailored to you.

Advanced Recliner Dynamics & Mobility

For an even more adaptive and supportive seating experience, the Altos All-in-One Power Recliner features Dynamic Back Motion and a responsive footrest. Its 360° Swivel capability and Relax Mode allow for versatile positioning and ease of movement. With a tangle-free cord, the chair can effortlessly rotate and fit into most spaces effortlessly.

Elegant Design & Functional Accessories

The Altos All-in-One Power Recliner is a stylish and functional addition to any space. Upholstered in high-quality genuine leather and available in three colours, it seamlessly integrates with any décor. 

This recliner is inspired by premium European car design, which is why it features top-tier materials that provide a luxurious appearance and enduring comfort. It’s also built to withstand daily use and maintain its sophisticated look over time.

To elevate your comfort and enhance your room’s elegance, consider adding the optional Spanish-sintered stone side table. This elegant accessory is available in black or white with a chic marble finish to beautifully complement the recliner’s leather options. It also includes a practical slide-out drink holder and is engineered to remain stable in any recliner position.

Experience Comfort & Style

The Altos All-in-One Power Recliner goes beyond traditional furniture by integrating health-focused features designed to alleviate pain and promote relaxation. This recliner offers a blend of style and functionality that makes it an exceptional addition to any home. 

For a firsthand experience of its unique capabilities, visit a La-Z-Boy showroom near you. Discover how the Altos All-in-One Power Recliner can transform your daily relaxation routine into an experience of luxurious comfort.

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