5 Features To Look For In A Running Pram That Complements Your Home & Lifestyle

5 Features To Look For In A Running Pram That Complements Your Home & Lifestyle

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Welcoming a new baby transforms your life in different ways, including how you manage your fitness routine.

For parents who love to stay active, incorporating running back into their daily lives doesn’t just mean finding the time — it means finding the right gear that fits seamlessly into both their active and home life. 

A running pram becomes an essential piece that lets parents blend their passion for fitness with family life seamlessly. But with so many options out there, deciding on the best one can be a bit of a puzzle.

What you need is a pram that promises safety and ease of use and, of course, complements the design and aesthetics of your home. Here’s a rundown of the key features that meet these needs.

One-Handed, Compact Fold

A running pram that folds with one hand is a marvel of modern design that makes life easier for busy parents. 

Whether you’re transitioning from a brisk jog to loading up the car or simply trying to reclaim some space in your living area, this feature is a must-have.

The ability to fold your pram compactly means it can blend into your home without taking over precious space, maintaining the aesthetic you love.

Integrated Speed Control

Safety can never be compromised, especially when your precious cargo is on board. With features like a handbrake system, you can easily manage your speed, even on tricky hills or uneven ground.

Not only does this keep your little one secure, but it also fits into the lifestyle of modern families who value safety everywhere, including at home. Think of it as bringing the control you have outdoors into your living space.

Adjustable, Ergonomic Handlebar

An adjustable, ergonomic handlebar on a running pram allows you to find the perfect grip and posture while running and prevent strain and discomfort.

This feature recognises that parents come in all shapes and sizes, and personalising your pram’s handlebar can make all the difference in enjoying those precious moments outdoors with your child. 

Ample Storage Solutions

With babies, there’s always something you need to bring along, from diapers to bottles and toys. A pram equipped with spacious cargo baskets, mesh pockets, and dedicated compartments means you’re prepared for anything.

Having everything organised and within reach makes all the difference, whether you’re navigating a busy street or a peaceful park.

These storage features can also help maintain the aesthetic and organisation of your home. A pram that neatly stores all of a baby’s necessities can help reduce clutter inside the house. Instead of toys, bags, and bottles scattered around, everything has its place within the pram, ready for the next outing.

Reflective Details for Visibility & Safety

If you enjoy early morning or late evening jogs, you need a pram with reflective details. Features like reflective rims on the wheels and edges of the canopy make sure you and your little one are visible to others, keeping you both safe.

Beyond the practical safety benefits, these reflective elements bring a touch of modern sophistication to your pram’s design. They complement the contemporary, safety-first approach seen in many aspects of home design, where form meets function to enhance aesthetic appeal and safety.

Discover the Perfect Running Pram

Choosing a running pram is a significant decision for active parents. It’s not just about finding a pram that can keep up with your fitness goals — it’s about selecting a piece that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and home design. 

Metro Baby‘s selection of running prams includes these key features and more to ensure parents don’t have to compromise on safety, functionality, or design. Whether it’s early morning jogs or evening walks, these prams blend seamlessly into your active routine and home environment.

Explore their collection today and find the pram that’s just right for you and your little adventurer.

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