Puma Supports Nedd Brockmann In His World Record Attempt Running Across Australia
— Updated on 7 October 2022

Puma Supports Nedd Brockmann In His World Record Attempt Running Across Australia

— Updated on 7 October 2022
James Want
James Want

Those following Nedd Brockmann’s journey across Australia will have been astonished at the resilience and determination of a human who is, simply put, built different. The incomprehensible task has dealt Nedd many a blow, battling his brain, his body, and the elements to keep showing up, day after day. Without redefining the meaning of willpower, Nedd’s monumental achievement would not be possible, nor would it be without his support crew or his apparel sponsor PUMA.

It’s only fitting that the world’s fastest sports brand got behind the fastest run across Australia. PUMA partnered with Nedd at the start of his journey, powering his world-record training with PUMA apparel and NITRO running shoes, and sending him off in style with a list of world-class PUMA athletes including Liz Clay, Kaitlyn Ashmore, Jerome Hughes, and Gen and Ryan Gregson.

“We are so excited to welcome Nedd to the PUMA Family and support him in his incredible challenge running across Australia,” Pancho Gutstein from PUMA said.

“His energy and positive attitude and commitment to spark change through running match perfectly with our brand values and we look forward to working together,” he continued. “It is hard to fathom what he’s setting out to accomplish, but PUMA will be with him all the way.”

“I’m a nutcase who loves doing long endurance challenges and seeing what the body’s capable of. To be honest, I pride myself on my resilience and ability to keep getting back up, and with this challenge, it’s a matter of exactly that,” Brockmann said at the start line.

Nedd Brockmann running in the rain.

In what was one of the most positive stories of 2020, 23-year-old Nedd Brockmann, ran 50 marathons in 50 days – all while still working – to raise money and awareness for the homeless. He raised an incredible $100,000 and has set a lofty ambition of $1 million for homeless charity We Are Mobilise this time. Alongside the $1m charity goal, PUMA is encouraging Australians to join Nedd and run 1 million kilometers, incentivising Aussies with the largest prize pool in Running Heroes history (where the challenge is being held).

“When you’re two weeks in and your body is telling you to stop, you need to get past that point and that’s when your body will start to adapt. When your knees are blown up and your calf is done and everything’s stuffed, that’s when most people give in,” said Nedd commenting on his past achievement.

For those following, Nedd’s unashamedly honest posts have been hard to stomach and impossible to comprehend – inspirational almost doesn’t do it justice.

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Prior to departing Cotteleloe Beach, no one could have imagined how emotional and monumental his task was (not even Nedd as he spoke to us on our podcast). PUMA has been a pivotal part of Nedd’s journey, providing the funding, the apparel, and the support from the likes of Israel Adesanya, and the Parramatta Eels, to assist him on his mindboggling run, and it’s bloody great to see.

Find out more, make a donation, and join the LessgoAMillion challenge at neddsrecordrun.com 

Check out our Nedd’s Record Run hub here.

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