Why Ancestry Is Such A Meaningful And Distinctive Father’s Day Gift

Why Ancestry Is Such A Meaningful And Distinctive Father’s Day Gift

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Are you seeking something a little different and unique for your Father’s Day gift this year, other than the usual gift voucher or socks? This year, consider gifting Dad a unique experience that could strengthen your bond, giving you both a peek into where his story started. An AncestryDNA Kit can deliver deep, personal meaning and will provide the opportunity to go on a journey together through your family history and stories. 

Ancestry’s name is very telling, rich with experience in providing family members around the world the tools to connect on a deeper level with their family history and stories. They do this using Ancestry’s diverse DNA database that uses cutting-edge science which compares your DNA to other people within their database. 

AncestryDNA can trace your dad’s history to over 1,500 regions around the world, providing a breakdown of his ethnic mix and pinpointing his origins, not only down to a country level but also potentially to specific regions and cities.

There is plenty of history hidden in your DNA, and you can take your dad on this journey of discovery this Father’s Day.

A bonding exercise over discovery of your family history

Your gift could create an opportunity for you to spend quality time together and uncover your family’s journey. Imagine the thrill of discovering living relatives you both never knew about or an unexpected region in your dad’s heritage.

DNA testing could provide a bigger picture of your family story and could reveal people and places from deep within your past, where records cannot always take you. It could reveal your ethnic roots, the journey of your family and how it has expanded over the years. 

Strengthen your bond as you both muse over how your family story evolved. Depending on your dad’s regions of origin, his results could include a timeline of historical changes and potentially details on how and why your family moved from place to place around the world. 

After taking the test, your father will even be able to see his ethnicity results by parental side, estimating which regions he inherited from each of his parents. 

Have fun understanding your traits

With the AncestryDNA® +Traits tool, you could finally understand why you both have such thick hair or why both your faces flush when you drink alcohol. Your dad may be curious about where his freckles came from or why he has an aversion to chocolate. Your DNA can tell you more than just your ethnicity. It can help you discover how your genes can influence your sensory, nutrient, fitness and appearance traits. 

Build out your Family Tree

Once your dad has his results and has started his journey, you can take it one step further by combining what you learn from your dad’s DNA with Ancestry’s family history subscription which offers over 100 million family trees and 30 billion records for more insight into your genealogy and origins.

You can start with what you know –names and dates of birth of your parents and grandparents would be plenty- and delve into the records Ancestry has on offer. As you work your way through, little green leaves known as ‘hints’ will pop up, highlighting other records possibly containing information about your relatives.

The Family Tree tool provides the finer details, the stories of your ancestors. It will help you gain a greater understanding of how you came to be where you are today and the part your dad and his parents played. 

Easy to take DNA test

Though a DNA test may ring alarm bells, no blood sample is needed. Once your father receives his kit, it will contain all the necessary instructions and everything he needs to carry out the saliva sample. He simply needs to return the sample in the pre-paid box provided. He will then receive the results online. 

AncestryDNA Kits can be bought at www.ancestry.com.au

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