LG Drops 88 Inch 8K OLED, Yours For A Cool $48,000

Ridiculous TV’s have been dropping thick and fast lately, and this week LG throws their hat in the ring, launching pre-orders of the world’s first 8K OLED, the 88Z9. Unveiled during CES 2019 earlier this year, the 88Z9 measures a whopping 88 inches and is set for release in South Korea this week with an equally whopping ₩40 million won (~AU$48,000) price tag.

The 88Z9 sports an almost comical 8K Ultra HD resolution (7,680 x 4,320) – 16 times the number of pixels found in full HD, and four times that of UHD. LG have also announced the inclusion of deep-learning audio which claims to ‘significantly improve output by analysing source content to produce enhanced sound effects in movies, deeper bass in music and clearer voices in sporting events.’ 

As per usual, there’s no word on an Australian release date, but European and US customers can expect to pick one up in Q3 2019, paying the equivalent of ₩50 million won (~AU$60,000). Now it’s just a matter of finding that 8K content…

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